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S.C. TRADE was born in 2000 when it was decided to put together professionalism and experience in the field of the “self levelling concrete paving” and the “reuse of plastic materials”.

The company invests in research activities, development, production and trading of “innovative systems” for the building industry and in particolar for “thermal and sound insulation” and “resource rescue”.

Moreover S.C. TRADE develops new reuse technologies and industrial applications for the building industry.

Thanks its solid experience the company S.C. TRADE is able to develop complete know-how from the project to the production of self levelling screeds till their final application.

Owner of many International patents with registered trade marks, S.C. TRADE cooperates with the most important Italian and International research institutes, and some of its main customers are considered Partners with ten years presence on the market.

S.C. TRADE developed innovative technologies for the construction of light bases and self levelling cement screeds with high quality thermal and sound insulation, named FONOBETON and FONOMIX.

This technology allows the realization of self levelling screeds and light bases with a laying speed till tree times higher to that of traditional screeds, obtaining good sound insulation.

The use of this technology is highly recommended for concrete plants.

The products can also be packed as “premixed” and sold through retail distribution.


Incinerators burn every day virgin plastic materials with manufacturing defects, which could be recycled and fully reused, avoiding the environmental pollution and in the meantime deposing the production costs.

S.C. TRADE recovers those virgin plastic materials with manufacturing defects to use them in the realization of bases and self levelling screeds with excellent insulating and thermic features.

The company is constantly developing and reserching in production technology to use recycling plastic materials, with the goal of preserving environment and health.



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